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We’re creating

Next-generation cybersecurity trainings.
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What we do

We create next-generation trainings to raise awareness about cybersecurity.

We make cybersecurity understandable and fun through interactive games and entertaining animated series.

Traditional education methods such as presentations, texts and the like are a thing of the past. New generation trainings give your employees the most memorable training in the shortest time.

Our clients

Some great companies working with Kare Studios.

Our clients describe us as a product team which creates amazing training experiences, by crafting great story.

Customer Reviews

Success stories.


Creative studio with
art & technologies.

We believe that our services can contribute to a secure world.


Our roadmap involves creating mini-series featuring real actors who will dramatize cybersecurity incidents.

We also anticipate the growing influence of virtual reality (VR) in the gaming industry. As a result, we plan to reallocate our investments toward developing VR cybersecurity games

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